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Principal's Update

In my 17 years as an educator, this has been the most exciting start to a school year.  With a dynamic new vision for the school and an innovative approach to teaching, we are on the cusp of something truly amazing.  Our new approach to teaching and learning is turning heads at all levels.  The Ministry of Education has recognized us a School of Innovation and is providing special funding to help implement our programs, the University of the Fraser Valley has partnered with our school and the local media is tracking our progress with lots of interest.

Our teachers are collaborating on new ideas and working together to boost student achievement and build school culture.   We have added a fall cross country team to our already strong athletics program, created a reading and writing club, and our new Bhangra dancing club performed at the National Character Conference recently held in Abbotsford.  

Recently our grade 9 pod teachers started their cross curricular unit on Rick Hansen and kicked off the project by visiting the Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Institute.  Students were inspired by the work of local researchers and had the opportunity to meet Rick Hansen himself.  I was inspired by the way our teachers are working collaboratively to identify the common outcomes that exist between their subjects and create projects to match the competencies across a broad spectrum of courses.  To read more about this trip, check out the Abby News article

We are continuing to work hard to make parents partners in this venture.  We really appreciated the strong showing we had at parent night; it was one of the largest groups of parents attending we have ever had.  Research tells us that parents who are invested in their child’s education, have children who are more successful in school.  We appreciate your investment in our school and the support you are providing to ensure your child is successful!

Mr. David de Wit, Principal