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Frequently Asked Questions – Spring 2015

Download FAQ Translation in Punjabi  (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿਚ ਅਨੁਵਾਦ ਕੀਤਾ ਵਰਜਨ ਨੂੰ )

What is changing at Rick Hansen Secondary?

Rick Hansen Secondary will become a Science and Business School starting fall 2015. Grade 9 students will be fully immersed in this program. For all grades, there will be an innovative new learning style that will focus on preparing students for successful university studies and careers in business and science.

Why is Rick Hansen Secondary making these changes?

To make learning more engaging and relevant to our students and to create opportunities for success in their post secondary education and professional careers.

How is this different from the current classroom educational model?

  • Students will be better engaged and learn more through practical experience.
  • It will be more reflective of life in the work world.
  • Teachers will work as a team to teach students across multiple subject areas at once, rather than teach subjects in isolation.
  • Education in BC is evolving toward problem-based learning through experiences, and Rick Hansen is leading the way.

Is this school only for high achievers?

Rick Hansen himself inspires his audiences to “be the best they can be”. Whether your child is struggling academically or achieving the highest marks, our goal is to help each of them be successful in their future careers. Every student is welcome and will be inspired in this environment.

How do I know if my child is eligible for the program?

All Students enrolled in Grade 9 in the fall of 2015 will be eligible for the program.  These gr. 9 students will have a full immersion experience in the program, and will become the first Grade 12 graduates from the program in 2018.

What will next year be like for Grade 10-12 students?

Grade 10-12 Students will benefit from the new instructional model and atmosphere at the school. While the emphasis will not be on science or business for these students, they will continue with their curriculum, but in a more interactive and interdisciplinary environment.

Are there costs associated with the program?

Grade nine students will be expected to bring a laptop to school so they can be fully immersed with their digital literacy course and the integration of technology into each of their subject areas.  Computers will be made available for those families experiencing financial hardship.

What if my child is not interested in science or business?

Even if your child’s focus of interest isn’t science or business, our school will be a great place to thrive. The school will continue to emphasize language, arts, sports and social sciences, but in a more integrated manner. All students will benefit from the atmosphere and movement towards project based learning and the emphasis on social innovation and personal character development.

Are there new courses being offered as part of the program?

Grade 9 and 10 students will be required to take two new courses. 
•    Applications of Digital Literacy 10
•    Foundations of Inquiry 10

A full complement of cutting edge business and science courses are in development to take advantage of the new model.

How will this program improve my child’s chances of success in University?

This model will prepare students to think critically, become more innovative, and more engaged in their learning. These skills will be relevant in their post secondary education. Partnerships with universities and colleges will be established to provide mentorship opportunities and advanced placement.

How will this program help create professional career opportunities for my child?

Student feedback told us that students want to create connections with the business community and to do authentic work. Partnerships with local businesses and larger corporations will provide internships and job shadowing opportunities. The program will also have an emphasis on developing personal character and social innovation, teaching students how they can give back to their communities. This is very attractive to employers.

Does every student need a laptop?

We are talking to technology partners about providing highly affordable computer tools for every student. Digital skills are a big emphasis in the new program.

Will there still be school athletic teams and sports?

Rick Hansen Secondary School will continue to offer a wide range of sports programs at both the junior and senior levels.

What will be the elective options?

We will continue to have a full complement of elective subjects in a variety of areas.

If I have enrolled my child in another school, can I still change my mind?

Yes. Please contact the school to obtain a registration package.