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Studio Works Academy



The Studioworks Academy is aimed at preparing students for the Film and Television industries.  Students will experience both the technical and artistic sides of the industries as they study them through two lenses:  live studio Broadcasting and Acting for TV and film. This program has also developed a connection with B.C.I.T. for a clean transition into their Television Production Program.

Television Production

Production topics both in front of the camera and behind the scenes are covered in this course which produces live television broadcasts for the student body. Students will explore the areas of filming and editing projects, using proper lighting and audio techniques, and producing, directing, and performing live broadcasts which are viewed by over 800 students and staff.

Audio Recording

The Hurricane Studioworks Audio Recording Program allows students the opportunity to develop their skills in the areas of either a recording artist or audio technician.

As a recording artist in the program, students will be guided through the process of song writing and proper recording techniques.  By the end of the program, students will have a well-produced demo CD for their collection.

As an audio technician, students will learn the industry standard recording program Pro Tools as well as the proper techniques of handling and setting up audio equipment for voice and various instruments.


With the knowledge and experience students will gain from this academy, they will have a foundation to further their education in the fields of Broadcasting (web and live TV), Video Production and Acting for TV and film.   Students will finish with an industry-ready Actor’s Portfolio, complete with headshots and demo reel.    They will also gain real world opportunities in Broadcasting which include live-on-set experiences in professional studios as well as certain certifications necessary for working in the industry.

Academic Structure

Students who participate in the Studioworks Academy receive 16 credits by completing the following courses:

  • Acting for the Camera 11/12
  • Television Production 11/12
  • English 11 or 12
  • Grad Transitions

Program Costs



If you are interested in this academy, please contact Mr. Dennis Neufeld (Email) at 604-864-0011