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Want to Register at Hansen?

New Student Registration

STEP ONE: Please download our registration form and course planning information you will find  below. See the Course Guide below for course offerings.

STEP TWO: Please call the school for a meeting time with a Vice Principal by phoning: 604-864-0011

STEP THREE: Please bring the following to a meeting with a Vice Principal:

  1. Completed Registration form
    1. Fillable Registration Form (click the link, fill in and print or save as, fill in  and email) 
    2. Student/ Parent Consent for Email (click the link, fill in and print, or save as, fill in and email) 
  2. If transferring mid year, bring a copy of your last report card
  3. Completed Course Selections 
  4. Proper Documentation – see below

Student’s Proof of Age

A copy of one of the following must be taken and placed into the student’s file:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • Court Order
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Immigration Canada documents (if refugee paperwork, please send a copy to the ISP Dept).
  • Passport

Parent/Guardian Citizenship

One Parent/Guardian must produce one of the following documents:

  • Canadian Birth certificate
  • Canadian passport

  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Landed permanent residents card
  • Refugee documents from Immigration Canada


The custodial parent/guardian must be resident in BC and must produce two of the following documents:

Home Owner's Purchase Agreement of long-term lease/rental agreement or Property Tax Assessment, plus

One of the following:

  • Canadian bank account or credit card 
  • Provinvial driver's licence (valid)
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Links attachment to the community friends or business relationships (Letter of introduction or membership)
  • Proof of employment with the cummunity (Letter from employer or pay-stub)
  • Utility bill (Hydro/Telephone)