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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Amandeep Arora Applied Design Skills & Technology
Kiersten Bisgaard Applied Design Skills & Technology
Jessica Davies Applied Design Skills & Technology
Paige Dewolff Applied Design Skills & Technology
Craig Gordon Applied Design Skills & Technology
Haley Harasemow Applied Design Skills & Technology
Remi Wauthy Applied Design Skills & Technology
Ashleigh Wighton Applied Design Skills & Technology
Gordon MacLeod Band/ Careers / Languages
Stephen Fowler English
Natalie Lang English
Dennis Neufeld English
Kayla Muller English / Leadership
Kelsey Ross English/ Socials
Sukhpaul Dhaliwal Languages
Tanis Grozell Languages
Anita Gordon Math
Ruth Hirowatari Math
Lorri van Hunestijn Math
Dafe Atawo Math / Learning Commons
Sonia Gill Math / Science
Lorne Cairns Physical Education / Social Studies
Chad Pickering Physical Education & Human Performance Academy
Adam Verheyen Physical Education / Athletic Director
Jas Gill Physical Education / Careers
Sandy Gill School of Business
Trish Schubert School of Business
John Munro School of Science
Joanne Weatherby School of Science/ Learning Commons
Jaskiran Dhaliwal Science
Lukis Kind Science
Ed Klassen Science / Math
James Hill Social Studies
Graham Neufeld Social Studies
Michael Schmidt Social Studies
Satnam Sidhu Student Services - Connections
Ebrahim Bawa Student Services - English Language Learners
Kayla Unger Student Services - LA & English Language Learners
Jennifer Sun Student Services - Resource
Victoria Kooner Student Services - WE/WS & LA

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Lilia Friesen Custodial
Adrienne Long Custodial
Angelita Ponce Custodial
Jessica Preston Custodial - Day
Linda Beaumont Educational Assistant
Terry Begemann Educational Assistant
Anna Campbell Educational Assistant
Joe Dilello Educational Assistant
Margaret Elliot Educational Assistant
Deborah Guenther Educational Assistant
Patti Helms Educational Assistant
Kirstin Hope Educational Assistant
Michelle Janzen Educational Assistant
Jon Krause Educational Assistant
Christina Logel Educational Assistant
Sandra Monto Educational Assistant
Amberlee Olson Educational Assistant
Donaldo Palma Educational Assistant
Vicky Panagiotou Educational Assistant
Irene Pappila Educational Assistant
Janet Schultz Educational Assistant
Carol Unruh Educational Assistant
Derek Silver Indigineous Support Worker
Rebecca Lin International
Cristie Hill Lab Tech
Baljit Mangat Main Office Clerical
Sandy Oppelt Main Office Clerical
Katie Savage Youth Care Worker


Reporting (Report Card)

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