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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Jaimie Webster Acting Principal Jaimie.Webster [at]
Lisa Burdeyny Principal
Brent Schroeder Vice-Principal (A-K) Brent.Schroeder [at]
Virinder Braich Vice-Principal (L-Z) Virinder.Braich [at]


Name Position Email
Jessica Davies Applied Design Skills & Technology jessica.davies [at]
Craig Gordon Applied Design Skills & Technology craig.gordon [at]
Haley Harasemow Applied Design Skills & Technology haley.harasemow [at]
Remi Wauthy Applied Design Skills & Technology remi.wauthy [at]
Ashleigh Wighton Applied Design Skills & Technology/Learning Commons ashleigh.wighton [at]
Gordon MacLeod Band/ Careers / Languages gordon.macleod [at]
Stephen Fowler English stephen.fowler [at]
Natalie Lang English natalie.lang [at]
Dennis Neufeld English dennis.neufeld [at]
Kayla Muller English / Leadership kayla.muller [at]
Melissa Sweet English/ Socials/ELL Melissa.sweet [at]
Katya Roy English/PE/Careers Katya.Roy [at]
Bob St. Cyr English/Photography/Art Studio bob.stcyr [at]
Tara Landry Languages tara.landry [at]
Ashlyen Singh Languages/PE Ashlyen.Singh [at]
Dafe Atawo Math dafe.atawo [at]
Anita Gordon Math anita.gordon [at]
Lorri Verburgt Math lorri.verburgt [at]
Sonia Gill Math / LSS sonia.gill [at]
Paige Dewolff Math/Makerspace/LSS paige.dewolff [at]
Rachel Konyk Math/Science rachel.konyk [at]
Robb Rutley PE/History/Athletic Director rob.rutley [at]
Adam Verheyen Physical Education adam.verheyen [at]
Lorne Cairns Physical Education / Social Studies lorne.cairns [at]
Jaskiran Dhaliwal Punjabi jaskiran.dhaliwal [at]
Sandy Gill School of Business sandeep.gill [at]
Trish Schubert School of Business trish.schubert [at]
John Munro School of Science john.munro [at]
Joanne Weatherby School of Science/ Learning Commons joanne.weatherby [at]
Inderjot Virk Science inderjot.virk [at]
Ed Klassen Science / Math ed.Klassen [at]
Lukis Kind Science/Math lukis.kind [at]
Victoria Kooner Science/math victoria.kooner [at]
James Hill Social Studies james.hill [at]
Graham Neufeld Social Studies graham.neufeld [at]
Michael Schmidt Social Studies michael.Schmidt [at]
Satnam Sidhu Student Services - Connections satnam.sidhu [at]
Ebrahim Bawa Student Services - English Language Learners ebrahim.bawa [at]
Kayla Unger Student Services - LA & English Language Learners kayla.unger [at]
Jennifer Sun Student Services - Resource jennifer.sun [at]


Name Position Email
Michelle Mehrer Counselling Clerical michelle.mehrer [at]
Riley Westbrook Counselor (A-K) Riley.Westbrook [at]
Chris Hague Counselor (L-Z) & Gr.9 chris.hague [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Vanessa Chase Chef [at]
Lilia Friesen Custodial
Angelita Ponce Custodial angelita.ponce [at]
Jessica Preston Custodial - Day jessica.preston [at]
Mike Corrigan Custodial- HEAD Mike.Corrigan [at]
Joe Dilello Educational Assistant joe.dilello [at]
Deborah Guenther Educational Assistant Debbie.guenther [at]
Patti Helms Educational Assistant patti.helms [at]
Kirstin Hope Educational Assistant kirstin.hope [at]
Jon Krause Educational Assistant jon.krause [at]
Christina Logel Educational Assistant christina.logel [at]
Sandra Monto Educational Assistant sandra.monto [at]
Donaldo Palma Educational Assistant donaldo.palma [at]
Vicky Panagiotou Educational Assistant vicky.panagiotou [at]
Irene Pappila Educational Assistant irene.pappila [at]
Spencer Rice Educational Assistant spencer.rice [at]
Janet Schultz Educational Assistant janet.schultz [at]
Amandeep Sharma Educational Assistant Amandeep.sharma [at]
Carol Unruh Educational Assistant carol.unruh [at]
Terry Crosby Indigenous Support Worker Terry.Crosby [at]
Rebecca Lin International rebecca.lin [at]
Cristie Hill Lab Tech cristie.hill [at]
Sandy Oppelt Main Office Clerical sandy.oppelt [at]
Baljit Mangat Main Office Clerical-Accounting baljit.mangat [at]