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Course Changes

Online Only   - Here's How:

  •  Grade 10-12's Monday, August 30 from 12pm to 6pm.    Use this FORM
    • Grade 11 & 12's must be available by phone on  Tuesday, August 31 AND Wednesday, September 1 from 8am to 3pm for counsellor questions.
    • Grade 10s  must be available by phone on  Thursday, September 2  from 8am to 3pm for counsellor questions.
  • Grade 9's no course changes. 

Please note:  our timetable is built around student's spring request and there may not be room in a class that a student did not request.  

Your timetable was built based on our course selections in March of 2021.  Where one of your selections conflicted with another course, we used your alternates to the best of our ability to provide a replacement course.   You have an opportunity in the last week of August/ first week of September to complete a course change request (see details below).  Every effort will be made to honour your request working within class size and composition requirements.  An updated timetable will be available in your homeroom on the first day of school if we were able to honour your request.   Please look over your timetable to ensure that you have 8 courses plus any outside the timetable classes.

Course change requests by email or telephone will not be accepted. Requests must be via the online form on Monday, August 30th, from noon to 6pm. Complete the form during Monday for noon to 6pm and only one request / form per student.  If we were able to make your course change you will receive an update timetable on the first day of school.

Only fill this form out one time for one course request change. Counsellors will only be looking at your first response and multiple course request changes will not be looked at.
Do not call or email Counsellors to make course requests.
Filling out the form does not guarantee that we can accommodate your request. However, Counsellors will try their best to honour your request.
If a change is made to a timetable, the student will be given a new timetable on the first day of school.

Course Requests will be considered in priority order – please see below for guidelines on which priority you need to select on the form.

Which priority is your course request?

PRIORITY 1 - You have less than 8 courses scheduled for the year OR missing a graduation requirement OR been put into an incorrect grade level core course.
PRIORITY 2 - You have a course in your timetable that you've already completed and received credit for OR are a grade 10/11 student who requires a course to meet post-secondary program requirements.
PRIORITY 3 - You've changed your mind (from original request, would like to change elective, balance timetable, etc.).

Grade 12 students we have scheduled the required course - CLC 12 and Capstone to be every other day (Day 1/Day 2) and as a result each grade 12 student will receive every other day spare in  one quarter.

Please note counsellors will not be available for course changes during school hours for the first three days of school due to appointments with new student registrations.

Current until: Thursday, September 2nd, 2021
Posted: Monday, July 5th, 2021