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Final June Newsletter

Have a Great Summer Break!

Although we still have ten weeks of summer vacation, it is not too early to complete your preparation and planning for the 2020-2021 school year. Please read over this newsletter as it contains important information.

Report Cards

Report cards will be posted online through MyEducationBC. Details will be emailed to parents through School Messenger. Students will also receive an email that their report card has been posted to their MyEd student account on Friday, June 26 at 3pm.  Your report card is viewable for 4 weeks.  We highly recommend that parents PRINT their child’s report card for their records.  Attached are the instructions to view your child’s report card.

Pandemic Assessment and Reporting

In May, the Ministry of Education and the Abbotsford School District introduced new assessment and reporting guidelines to address the implications of Covid-19 and the move to remote learning.  We have adhered to the Ministry language around progress, reporting pre and post Spring Break achievement, and students on track for graduation.  As a result, some students who would have traditionally failed a course have been given a passing grade (50%).  As a school we have offered kindness and grace in an uncertain time.  Having said that, we have spent much of our time in May and June preparing for September and working on a Blended Learning (remote, and face-to-face) instruction model. Progress in classes come September will NOT be measured in engagements, or participation but rather by the actual learning demonstrated or work submitted.

Numeracy and Literacy Results

Grade 10 and 12 required Numeracy and Literacy results will be released on July 31st, 2020. The results can be viewed on the Student Secure Web (SSW) at

Students are encouraged to create an SSW account before the end of June. You will need your PEN number (9digit number on your report card, not your school number), Birthdate and Surname.

Grade 12 - Grad Dogwood Diploma Pick Up

1.       Dogwood Diplomas will be available for pick up on or after September 14th, 2020.

a.       Grads, you will be required to show ID to pick up your final diploma.

2.       Your convocation photo, and candid shots have been sent via your learn34 account. 

3.       We will not be mailing these items out.


Some of you might have noticed the fencing, cargo containers and more arriving and being set up at the school.  Our school is undergoing construction over the summer both inside and out with updates to bathrooms, glass blocking, skylights, windows, and classroom lighting.  As a result, our site will be closed to visitors from July 3rd to August 30th, 2020.


Timetables for students will be available on MyEducationBC Student Portal after August 24th, 2020.

When and how can I make a course change?

Course change requests by email or telephone will not be accepted. Requests must be via the online form. Check the school website, under announcements for the link.  Complete the form during Monday from noon to 6pm and only one request per student.  If we were able to make your course change you will receive an updated timetable on the first day of school.


  • Grade 11 and 12 students: you must be available by phone on Tuesday September 1, AND Wednesday September 2, 2020. If counsellors have a question, this will be your only opportunity to provide an answer.
  • Grade 10 students: you must be available by phone on Thursday September 3, 2020. If counsellors have a question, this will be your only opportunity to provide an answer.
  • Grade 9 - The online form will be open from 12 - 6pm on Friday, September 4, 2020
  • Only fill this form out one time for one course request change. Counsellors will only be looking at your first response and multiple course request changes will not be looked at.
  • Do not call or email Counsellors to make course requests.
  • Filling out the form does not guarantee that we can accommodate your request. However, Counsellors will try their best to honour your request.

If a change is made to a timetable, the student will be given a new timetable on the first day of school.

Course Requests will be considered in priority order – please see below for guidelines on which priority you need to select on the form.

Which priority is your course request?

  1. PRIORITY 1 - You have less than 8 courses scheduled for the year OR missing a graduation requirement OR been put into an incorrect grade level core course.
  2. PRIORITY 2 - You have a course in your timetable that you've already completed and received credit for OR are a grade 10/11 student who requires a course to meet post-secondary program requirements.
  3. PRIORITY 3 - You've changed your mind (from original request, would like to change elective, balance timetable, etc.).

Grade 12 students we have scheduled the required course - CLC 12 and Capstone to be every other day (Day 1/Day 2) and as a result each grade 12 student will receive an every other day spare in one quarter.

Please note counsellors will not be available for course changes during school hours for the first three days of school due to appointments with new student registrations.

What will the school year look like as a result of Covid-19?

In preparation for the continuation and implications of Covid-19 we have planned a school year that will allow us to have maximum flexibility for the different stages of instruction as below.  Currently, we are in Stage 3 (highlighted in yellow).  We expect to be in stage 1 or 2 for September.  We expect attendance in September to be required and mandatory.

What will my child’s daily/weekly schedule look like?

Due to the implications of Covid-19 next year and keeping in mind the flexibility need to adapt to a number of scenerios next school year, we are moving away from the Semester system (4 classes at one time for 5 months) to a quarter system where student will focus on 2 courses for 10-11 weeks of instruction.  We have planned the year with a Blended Learning approach which will allow students to learn from home for a portion of their day and learn from school in a portion of their week while providing supports for student who need more 1 on 1 instruction, or equity of resources the school can provide like wifi, technology, food or access to ongoing support.

August Newsletter

Parents you can expect a newsletter from us mid-August with detailed information about what September and the 20-21 school year may look like.  We intent to share our schedule with you once we have a finalized version and consultation has happened with parents, support staff, transportation and more. Please check the website on or after August 15, 2020.

Current until: Friday, July 31st, 2020
Posted: Thursday, June 25th, 2020