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Blog: Monday, April 12th, 2021

Happy Vaisakhi 2021

By Linda Pollastretti

This is a  special week for many of our students and their families. Vaisakhi which celebrates both a faith and cultural aspect is on April 13th.  At Rick Hansen Sec. we have arranged for every student and staff member to receive a fresh, warm samosa delivered to their class.

Our hope is between 10:30am-11am we will be delivering samosa individually packed by the vendor to your class. Students will not be entering your class, a box will arrive outside each classroom door witht the appropriate number of samosas.   We look forward to seeing as many smiling faces dressed up and enjoying the day.

Please watch our VIRTUAL VAISAKHI SHOW 2021 -

This virtual show has been created by our students for our students.  Enjoy. 

In addition, our Careers 10 students have created the "What is Vaisakhi" video (only 5 minutes long and a great entry into our day). 

WHAT IS VAISAKHI? The Universal Message -