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Blog: Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Human Performance Academy at Rick Hansen Secondary

The Human Performance Academy is a new addition to the many great programs that are being offered to students at Rick Hansen Secondary.  The academy was created to help provide students with an introduction to proper movement-based training with the goal of improving their quality of movement and athleticism.  Unlike other sport specific academies, the Human Performance Academy is not sport dependent.  The academy (in its first year) has students enrolled with a wide range of athletic backgrounds.  Students in the program come from various sports which they participate in at our school or in the community.  We even have students in the academy who are currently competing in competitive cheerleading and dance.

There are many research studies that show students are sustaining injuries due to overuse which are being caused by sports specialization at an earlier age.  Students are stressing certain muscles, ligaments and tendons which lead a varying degree of injuries.  Our hope is that with introducing training methods that are not specific to a sport but rather a more balanced approach we can create athletes that are less prone to having these overuse injuries.  The instructors will work with each individual athlete to differentiate training plans based on their needs and hope to develop more well-rounded and durable athletes.

The program takes pride in providing a holistic approach in supporting the athletes.  The goal is to focus and develop a complete athlete, which entails not just the physical but also the mental and emotional development of the athlete.  To accomplish this the program will be bringing in current professional athletes, university student athletes, sports psychologists, trainers and nutritionists that will work alongside with our students throughout the year.  We look forward to seeing the growth in our student athletes and their journey this year with the Human Performance Academy.