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Blog: Monday, November 18th, 2019


By Linda Pollastretti

Remembrance Day at RHSS

Our Remembrance Day ceremony is always one of our most formal assemblies of the year.  Staff and students are encouraged to dress formally on this day as we gather to show our respect for Canadian men and women who served our country and in many instances gave their lives for securing the freedoms we enjoy and the democracy we participate in.  We think about and reflect on the great wars of 1914 and 1939, the Korean War and the war in Afghanistan.  We remember the peacekeeping efforts of Canadian soldiers around the globe both past and present.  What we sometimes don't think about are the men and women who serve our communities as first responders.  These folks play an equally important role in keeping our communities safe.  Retired Abbotsford Police Chief Bob Rich came to speak to us about just this topic.  He reminded us about what a community feels when losing a police officer like Constable John Davidson, but also reaffirmed the selfless actions and attitudes our men and women in uniform display in protecting our city.  He offered us a powerful message on the importance of courage, not just in relation to the men and women who serve in the armed forces or as first responders, but in relation to our own lives and role we have in our families and communities.  He talked about the courage it takes to lead, the courage it takes to be selfless, and the courage we need serve in our schools and communities.  While our Remembrance Day ceremony was both somber and reflective, it was also positive and affirming.  We thank Bob Rich for the message he shared with us, and we also thank the men and women who serve our communities as first responders.  In our school in particular, we thank our school liaison officer, Constable Marcus Dyck, for being a part of our Hansen family.

Michael Hendricks, Vice Principal