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Blog: Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Rick Hansen’s Celebrations of Learning

On Thursday, January 25th we hosted our second annual Celebrations of Learning night. The evening provides an opportunity for students demonstrate their understanding of key competencies they have learned over the semester to their parents and the community. In essence, they are responsible for teaching the public about nano-technology, aqauponics, brain trauma, coding and any other discovery they have made over the previous semester.   

It is wonderful to see how proud students are of what they have produced and how much they want to share their learning with you. Students will come from across the Learning Commons to introduce themselves to a guest and invite them back to talk about their project based learning unit. The students are excited about their work and actively seek out an audience to share their findings with. This high level of energy and engagement of students fuels teacher engagement as well.  Student pride is matched by that of their teachers, who see a student sharing a passion for a subject area or a particular topic that they have a common interest in. This reciprocal relationship is what drives PBL forward at Rick Hansen.

I reflect on the changes that have happened at the school over the last three years with the transformation to a project based learning school and the evidence of producing critical thinkers, collaborators and effective communicators is everywhere on our Celebrations of Learning night. This transformation goes hand in hand with the new curriculum as competencies replacing content is the new driver. It is hard to celebrate a worksheet, textbook, quiz or test because students are passive in their learning, but when students are given voice and choice that is when the celebrations can begin.

David de Wit
Principal, Rick Hansen Secondary