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Blog: Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Hansen Students Tackle UFV Courses

By Linda Pollastretti

Grade 12 students from the School of Business and School of Science as part of their diploma are 1/2 way through their English 104 and Stats 106 course with the University of the Fraser Valley. In April, the students accepted the challenge of moving to the online format offered by the University.  Under the mentorship and guidance of Mr. B. Gill, students have been working since the beginning of May to understand and master the learning concepts of the courses.  The 47 students will be earning high school graduation in June 2020 and they will have completed two university courses by June 2020 as well.  

A huge acknowledgement to our students who originaly expected the courses to be delivered in a face-to-face model but with the pandemic the university changed the model and the students quickly accepted the challenge.  With Rick Hansen's innovative and collaborative culture and significant use of online classroom models (like Canvas and Google Classroom) and our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) focus, students felt well prepared for the opportunity ahead.  

School of Business and School of Science students will graduate from high school with a Dogwood Certificate, School of Business or Science Diploma and with 10 university credits complete in addition, to a UFV student number and early, priority registration. 

Kudos the the following students who are well ahead of their peers across the district and the province as they enter into the next stage of their learning journey!

  • Sahil A
  • Prusha A
  • Jasman B
  • Shobhita B
  • Aaryan B
  • Harjot B
  • Loveleen B
  • Gurleen B
  • Navpreet B
  • Gautam B
  • Sukhleen C
  • Mahum C
  • Gurleen D
  • Jasjoit D
  • Jasmeen D
  • Krihtik D
  • Sonyapreet G
  • Amanveer G
  • Navnoor G
  • Simran H
  • Gurvir H
  • Sukhmani K
  • Jashanpreet K
  • Jashanpreet Kh
  • Harry K
  • Rajan K
  • Arsh M
  • Gurman N
  • Jason N
  • Harkirat N
  • Aaditya R
  • Samrat S
  • Indeep S
  • Gurshawn S
  • Fawaz S
  • Saloni S
  • Sharine S
  • Harleen S
  • Jyoth S
  • Maan S
  • Amrit S
  • Navroop S
  • Simran S
  • Akashdeep S

We are super proud of our students who are stepping up and into the next level of their learning and accepting the challenge and the opportunities ahead.  We know you will be successful in the days, months and years ahead.


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