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How to Apply

Are you eligible for a Career Program?

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 15 years of age or older
  • Be 19 years of age or under at completion of program
  • Have not yet achieved MOE (Grade 12) graduation
  • Have successfully completed all Grade 10 courses

How to Apply

  • Complete an application package.
  • You can pick one up from your school’s Counselling / Career Centre or from the District Career Programs office at 2606 Alliance Street (3rd floor) in Abbotsford or print off the forms in the Application Package section under “Apply Now!”
  • Have a teacher complete the reference form.
  • Complete the “Statement of Interest” form.
  • Attach a copy of your most recent report card.
  • Deliver your completed application package to the District Career Programs office. For more information, call 604-504-4618.

When to Apply

For priority acceptance, apply by March 1st of your Grade 10 year.