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Work Experience


Are you in Grade 11 or 12? Why choose Work Experience?

  • Gain valuable work/career skills
  • Earn 4 credits in an extended day course
  • Be eligible for Special Academies i.e. Police Dept., Fire Dept., Military, or
  • ARHCC Hospital
  • Get employment, career, post secondary advice and information

How to sign up for Work Experience 12?

  • Select WE 12 on the course planning sheet
  • Register at the Career Centre with Mrs Myers

WE 11/12 is a 4-credit elective course for Grade 11 and 12 students interested in exploring the world of off-campus work. The Work Experience Program is a cooperative education program between a school and the business community. Its purpose is to integrate classroom theory with practical experiences in the work environment. It also adds valuable non-academic high school credits to a student’s resumé. Work experience is designed for students interested in investigating occupations. It will help to confirm your career decisions, develop job specific skills, acquire good work habits, increase self-confidence and forge positive working attitudes. Work experiences are designed to investigate various occupations. Student academies exist in Policing, Fire Department, Military and ARHCC Hospital for Work Experience students. Students must complete 120 hours of paid work, volunteer work and/or leadership activities in the community to complete this course. Students should register for this course in Grade 11 so the hours can be completed over both Grade 11 and Grade 12 years.

Expectations of Students

Students are expected to approach work experience with an open mind, positive attitude and willingness to learn. Students need to be completely committed to this course; possessing a high degree of responsibility. Students will be linked with an employer in the local or surrounding community. A schedule will be created which meets both the student’s and employer’s needs. While on work experience, students are required to stay in contact with the Work Experience Coordinator, keeping the teacher up-todate through journals and log sheets.