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News: Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Spotlight on Learning: Science 9, Blue Zone

Rick Hansen Secondary is pleased to showcase the exceptional teaching and learning happening within our building. 

Presented by: Sonia Gill, Science 9

Driving Question:    What can we design to transform our community into a BlueZone?


A BlueZone is a lifestyle approach that is designed to help individuals live longer and better. It incorporates key points from a variety of cultures known as the Power 9. The idea of this project was to have students look into BlueZones and find ways on how to create a Bluezone in their community by implementing at least 2 of the Power 9s. This was a cross-curricular project with English. In Science they did the research and designing of the BlueZone, while in English they wrote individual short stories that they later turned into a group skit.

Teacher Reflection:

While going through my PBL workshop I started looking into designing a PBL for sustainability. While talking with the other POD teachers we began to incorporate BlueZones into the PBL. In Science we focused on creating a BlueZone in our community and the effects it would have on the people and on the environment. This was a great way for students to look into not only their lifestyle, but their family and the community and find ways to incorporate healthy choices and reflect on the effects their choices may have on the environment. 

Student Reflection: 

This project was a great way for us to learn to work together and find ways to make our community better. We made some mistakes along the way, but it was a great way for us to learn. It allowed us to collaborate and share ideas and think like a team.  During our research for the BlueZone Project, I was able to look at the different perspectives of people from different parts of the globe on a healthier lifestyle to live longer. Their experiences with following that lifestyle with their “tribe”, and how that had changed their view of the mainstream human lifestyle. Incorporating the Power 9 into our daily routines was great as it is a form of self-care considering its benefits. Later, we were able to include our families into this practice and some of our neighbours to follow an element that leads to a healthier and longer life. The project also allowed me to interact with my family, while incorporating the Power 9, and get to know about their past which we usually don’t discuss enough and how their past has had a huge impact on my present and how it has shaped me as a person.

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