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News: Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Students WOW in Art Exhibit

Prior to Winter Break, Ms. Bisgaard and Ms. Harasemow and their students showcased their talent in a Student Artwork Exhibition.  An eccletic group of creative students proudly chatted about their pieces on a varity of topics including the environment, self-reflection, the world around them, mental health and more.  Their understanding of the process involved in a creative endeavour from concept, to sketching, and then navigating their vision from inception to completion was impressive.  Each student spoke with passion and pride in a job well done.  It was a pleasure to spend time with each student talking about the piece. More impressive was the range of creative pieces on any one topic.   Kudos to each student on the completion of their work, their demonstration of learning and for sharing their work with us so that we may learn even more. 

Below you will find a few photos of their final pieces.  Nice work Hansen art students!