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News: Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

Hansen Takes on CSLC

September 24 to 29th, saw the Canadian Student Leadership Conference take place within the Abbotsford School District.  While hosted at Yale, students from each high school have worked throughtout the last two years to plan, organize and work out all the details of having over 900 students from across Canada and 300 advisors in our community for a week.  Kudos go to Harleen Sidhu, Maan Sidhu, Simran Hans, Simran Badesha and Gurleen Gosal who took on the extra responsibility of being Spirit Leaders and working with their crew of students to engage in spirit sessions, workshops, team building, and more.  Each day the conference was kicked of with keynote speakers like Mike Smith, Fred Fox (Terry's brother), Romeo Dalliere, Phil Boyte and more with cultural presentations like Indigenous Hoop Dancing, Korean Drumming, and Bhangra Dancing mixed in.  Take aways include community service projects and leadership assets.  We commend the Rick Hansen students, Harleen, Maan, Simran H and Simran B and Gurleen, who took on the challenge and kept up with their course work at Hansen to create a once in a life time experience.   Special shout out to Ms. Kooner, Ms. Gill, Mrs. Dhaliwal and Mr. Braich who helped with the Cultural Night featuring Indian Cuisine, dancing and more.  Thanks for making Hansen proud!

If you are in the hallways or see any of our students, ask them what their one take away was from a week full of memories.