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News: Saturday, May 9th, 2020

Learning in a Pandemic Part 3

In our next installment of Learning in a Pandemic, we thought to take a look at the provocative work of one of our four University of the Fraser Valley student teachers, Mr. Timmerman.  Mr. Timmerman, under the supervision of Mrs. Weatherby, uses Google Classroom to deliver each week's learning materials.  He clearly outlines the epectations for Anatomy 12 for example: "This week students' have:
(1) The Failing Well engagement
(2) The Cell Transport activity
(3) And the Osmosis Lab"

Followed by a list of missing work/ assignment from previous weeks. 

This past week, Mr. TImmerman's class was to exercise their own "voice and choice" a fundamental principle within the innovative, collaborative PBL (project based learning) culture at Hansen.  The week of May 4, Mr. Timmerman  arranged the class  engagements into a "choice board", basically students  have three choices to choose from for each of our three engagements. Take a look at the graphic below or "board, each engagement is the column and the different choices for that engagement are the rows.  

We are/were excited to have Ms. Fawcett, Ms. Bruce, Ms. Monds and Mr. Timmerman from the UFV Teacher Education program with us and we wish them success as they enter the teaching profession.  

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