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News: Friday, December 4th, 2020

Post Covid Lifestyle

Post Covid Lifestyle 

Mr. D Neufeld, Composition & New Media 10, Rick Hansen School

Driving Question: 

Once a vaccine has been developed for Covid-19 and life resumes its regular pace, how might we change our routines and behaviours in order to make our lives “better” than they were before?

This project served as a final assessment during the Covid19 crisis.  Having demonstrated the inquiry process and having guided students through the process beforehand, this was the perfect opportunity to move into a self-directed, semi-free inquiry model.  Students were guided through the inquiry process, from brainstorming what we already know (or think we know) about the topic, to expanding on the topic itself, to generating questions for exploration and research, to demonstrating what we have learned and attempting an answer to the driving question. 

Teacher Reflection

This was my first time doing a self-directed inquiry, where students were given the freedom to explore the driving question from any angle, but where the process of exploration was somewhat guided.  For an online model it was a good fit.  Students who took initiative and were fairly self-motivated have done very well, with little teacher input.  Others needed a bit more encouragement to explore the topic more freely.  In future, I plan to elaborate on my demonstrations of the inquiry process leading up to this project.

Student Reflection: 

“For the Final Inquiry 10 project I created an infographic to display what I had learned … The driving question was a very open ended question leaving us a lot of ideas to work with. Though for this project I wanted to focus on how people were seeing the world differently, how everyone was finding themselves, and how appreciative and mindful they have become due to the pandemic. I wanted to show that the pandemic had given people the opportunity to open their eyes to these things and people would use them throughout their lives … I am quite happy with my work and proud of what I have created and the way I have displayed my learning.”