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News: Monday, October 28th, 2019

RHSS Outdoor Club Tackles Hike

Under the direction of Mr. Craig Gordon, students at Rick Hansen Secondary have the opportunity to join the Outdoor Education Club.  The club focuses on exploring Beautiful British Columbia including hiking, fishing, and taking in the wonders of the natural world around us.  Over the past few weeks, members of the club have explored various hiking trails around the Abbotsford/ Chilliwack area including Lindeman Lake and Teapot Hill.  While on their hike, students have discovered the natural flora and fiona of our local landscape including the rich vegetation we enjoy and often take for granted.  The group was fortunate to hike during our recent sunny days but was prepared for all weather elements.  Many of our students have never hiked or camped before and so these trips provided a new experience and something, that they may not have ever done on their own.  Kudos to Mr. Gordon and Ms. Bisgaard for taking the troops out and exploring while working those legs, and getting in the cardio for the day.  Students were thrilled with the level of difficulty and the viewpoint along the way.