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News: Monday, October 14th, 2019

Spirit Cafe

One of the unique programs we have at Hansen is our Spirit Cafe.  The students in our Work Study program are given the opportunity to get real world experience for the food industry while working in our Spirit Cafe.  Students take orders from staff, fill these orders by preparing specialty coffees or other food/beverage orders, and then deliver these orders to the staff who have placed these orders.  Students also learn how to create invoices and receipts, order supplies, the importance of workplace safety, the value of customer service skills, and what the various roles and responsibilities are in a working kitchen.  The idea behind the Spirit Cafe is to give students the skills and confidence they need to enter the workforce, while also filling a need within our building.  The staff and students have really worked hard to offer and prepare a wide variety of food/beverage items, and the kids who work in the Spirit Cafe are a very enthusiastic bunch.  We're very proud of what they do and how they add to our school culture.

You might also be asking why it's called the Spirit Cafe?  Spirit was a certified therapy dog we had at Hansen several years ago.  She was a big part of our school community.  When she died, the kids in the Work Study program decided to name their cafe in her memory.

Miichael Hendricks, Vice Principal