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News: Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Spotlight on Learning: Sport Education in PE

Rick Hansen Secondary is pleased to showcase the exceptional teaching and learning happening within our building.  Parents, have you wondered what learning looks like in the 21st century beyond the typical teen response of "we didn't do anything in school today." 

Take a peek at the sport education model applied to a basketball unit while layering the concept of Project Based Learning.

Presented by: Lorne Cairns/Adam Verheyen 

Big Idea:  Daily participation in different types of physical activity influences our physical literacy and personal health and fitness goals.

Description: Students were put through a season of the NBA including combine/skills showcase, draft, practices, pre-season and regular season games. Students were part of a team from start to finish of the unit with each player on the team having individual roles including managers, coaches, equipment managers, fitness instructors and more. Games and practices were intermixed throughout the course of the lesson so teams could improve in areas that they were struggling in and plan for how they would attack the next opponent. This unit would normally end with a culminating playoff tournament and crowning of the champions, but face-to-face instruction was cut short this semester.

Teacher Reflection(s):

Cairns: A fun unit for students of varying knowledge and skill levels. Excellent engagement; fair teams that were selected in a draft setting based on fitness and skill testing. Students that worked together as a team and adapted strategies based on modified rules and scoring, were more successful as a team. Was fun to see the enthusiasm and commitment of students and support for each other to improve.

Verheyen: well-organized unit, large buy-in from students, great competition, lots of teamwork and collaboration, successful teams had great communication and well executed game plans, draft was a lot of fun, lots of front loading from teachers but student-focused/run unit

Student Reflection(s):

This basketball unit was amazing. It involved skill testing, a draft day, practices and games. The games were my favourite part because there was a lot of competition and everyone was trying their best to reach the finals. Having a draft like the NBA was the most unique aspect from past basketball units. This unit required problem solving and teamwork to win games and I believe that I improved in both areas. I thought that this was a very creative way to take part in a sport we have done many times before. Basketball should be done like this every year. I enjoyed every part of this basketball unit and would be lying if I said I didn't. 

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