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News: Friday, May 28th, 2021

Spotlight on Learning: City Hub

Spotlight on Learning: City Hub   

Trish Schubert, Career Life Exploration 10

The big idea for this project was, “How might we make Abbotsford the most inclusive community in Canada?” Students were asked to identify an idea, develop a prototype and test it during the course.

 Teacher Reflection

Allowing students tackle an issue that impacted their community and had an authentic audience was a meaningful project. Student teams were tasked with answering the big idea of how to make Abbotsford the most inclusive community in Canada. There were many unique solutions to this problem that groups shared: creating a buddy system for new students to the school, revamping the public transportation system, a multi-lingual website for newcomers to Abbotsford to access and an app to share accessibility of restaurants.

Student Reflection

In Career Life 10 we were given the amazing opportunity to work with our classmates and be involved within our own community to have our voices heard! We had done nothing similar to this project which made it so much more educational and extraordinary. The ideas and possibilities for it were endless! In the end my group and I decided to focus on the idea of making newcomers feel included within Abbotsford. We created a website to educate people on copious topics about our city. This project also allowed us to work with people from our community who were experts which lead us to further increase our knowledge and present the information to high audience level. Overall City Hub 2019 was very innovative and allowed us to express ourselves and be heard.            -Imrit