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News: Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Spotlight on Learning - Covid-19 Outlook

COVID-19 Perspectives Project  - Michael Schmidt, Social Studies 10

Driving Question: “What are different perspectives on the global COVID-19 pandemic?

For this project, students conducted and recorded interviews with at least 2  people (family members, friends, classmates, or other). They were encouraged to seek out people different from themselves. Next, they analyzed those responses, including their own, looking for differences and similarities and considering why each person responded as they did. Finally, students could choose how to demonstrate their learning: presentation, infographic, essay, art piece, or other.

Teacher Reflection

In light of what was going on in our world at the time, I did not just want to continue with “business as usual” and miss an opportunity for students to make real connections to the world and people around them. I wanted to have students explore the perspectives and experiences of people around them on the pandemic in order to build empathy and open their eyes to others’ views. I think it helped facilitate conversations that might not have happened otherwise and, in the end, many students created products that they were proud of.

Student Reflection

“What I learned from this project was how other people's perspectives were so much different than mine. I learned that where you live and how old you are is a very big factor when it comes to your perspective.”  - Noor Dhillon

“Something I enjoyed about doing this project was making the design of the final product. Making things that include working with video and photo editing softwares is my favorite… while making the design of the infographic, I got to use photoshop and lucidpress which are two of my most favourite digital content creating softwares.” - Pari Khanna