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News: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Top 3 in the Ethics Bowl Competition at SFU

At Simon Fraser University this past Saturday, the Fraser Valley had its first team compete in the Ethics Bowl Competition from Rick Hansen Secondary. The Ethics Bowl is both a social and competitive event, where teams of students explore and discuss ethical issues. They envision, critique, and compare bold techniques, and when faced with convincing arguments it may even amend their original positions. The first regional High School Ethics Bowl was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2014. Students display their argumentative skills in a debate whereas in an Ethics Bowl students use those skills to get to the core of the issue. Teams take positions in the debate either in favour of or in opposition to, a given topic and their goal is to "win the argument." There are no grey areas in a debate, and the team which makes the strongest arguments is considered to have "won." Whereas, the starting point for an Ethics Bowl is the topic, not a resolution. Students were evaluated on the following skills: communication, use of relevant information, intellectual improvisation, collaboration, critical and original thinking This was their 3rd annual competition, which consisted of ten teams. Rick Hansen Secondary was representing all of the Fraser Valley where they won top 3 from the lower mainland. With only months of practice, they achieved great success. 

-  Article and Photo Credit: Sukhmani Kahlon