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INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC 9, 10, 11, 12 – Acoustic Guitar

This is a multi-grade, mixed ability course for students at all levels of experience.  Beginner students will be given direct instruction on how to play popular songs and other types of music on acoustic guitar.  A variety of techniques will be taught including strumming, finger style and other skills such as reading tab, basic notation and music theory.  Students with a greater degree of experience will work on solo/group performance projects on acoustic guitar; in addition to song writing and music theory.  This course has something for everyone!

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC – Recording Arts 11 &12

Registration for this course is based on an audition prior to the start date of the course.  This is an innovative class designed to help students study the applications and techniques of recording arts in one or two streams.  Students with a performance background can apply for the music stream which involves song writing, recording and the development of a musician’s portfolio.  Students interested in the technical aspects of recording can apply for the technical stream which involves studio management, mixing tracks and collaboration with students in the music stream.  This course is specially designed to be flexible to the interests of individual students who are self-motivated.


This course explores the art of sound.  We’ll focus primarily on studio recording, using Propellerhead’s digital audio workstation called “Reason” to capture live performances as well as to sculpt songs from scratch.  Much of this course is self-directed, allowing students to explore many varying avenues of the music industry.  Learning outcomes will be made clear for each unit of study.  It is highly beneficial (but not mandatory) for students to have intermediate level ability with an instrument or with vocal performance.  It is recommended that students without this experience first enroll in Guitar or seek instrumental lessons elsewhere.    Students will rehearse and perform live for small peer audiences.