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Business & Computer Technology


To prepare our students with a good foundation in Business and Computer Skills, enabling them to be ready to advance to the next level of learning. All students of Rick Hansen Secondary School shall be given an opportunity to make sound choices after high school, be it work, college or university! Our students will learn and enjoy school more if they know that there are opportunities waiting for them. We believe in giving students quality OPPORTUNITIES with positive OUTCOMES.




This is an introductory but rigorous course surrounding the concepts of accounting and its role in business. Students will learn basic debit and credit theory, explore financial statements such as the income statement, balance sheet and the general journal. In addition, students will look into different career paths available in accounting. This course is best suited for students seeking a strong understanding of accounting concepts as well as students looking to study business at a post-secondary institution.


In this intermediate Accounting course, we build on some of the basic concepts learned in Accounting 11. Students will explore, in detail, the relationships among assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity in addition to detailed analysis of expense accounts such as cost of goods sold. By the end of this course, students will have a strong grasp of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and their application in different situations. Financial Accounting 12 is best suited for students looking to study business or accounting at a post secondary institution.


Business Education 9 is the introductory business course. In this course you will learn about: 

1) Unit 1: Business & You. In this unit you discover what is the role of business in our lives, the various functions of businesses and the relationship between businesses and the individual.

2) Unit 2: Business Communications. In this unit you will learn the essentials of being a successful communicator and how communication is an integral part of any business

3) Unit 3: Entrepreneurship. In this unit, you will have the opportunity to find out what it means to be an entrepreneur. You will learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur in the business world and the qualities and skills needed to start up and operate your own business.

4) Unit 4: Marketing. In this unit you are introduced to the key concept of the marketing mix and how businesses use it to become successful.

5) Unit 5: Economics and Finance. In these units you will discover the basics of supply and demand and become financially literate about basic skills such as budgeting and planning.


Business Education 10 builds on the fundamentals of the Business Education curriculum. These include business communications, economics, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Business Education 10 introduces students to the world of business within the local and global community and the various opportunities within it. While taking this course, students will develop computer skills and other economic survival skills necessary in today’s fast changing society.


Students will explore key business and investment management theory and what it takes to run a successful business in our competitive marketplace. We will explore core economics, accounting, and finance theory to better understand high level business decision and strategy. This is a professional course that will test student knowledge through real world simulations, project based learning and independent study. Business & Investment Management 11 is an introductory, yet challenging, course designed to help students learn basic business and investment management.


This course is designed to encourage students to explore, identify and develop the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Students will be given the opportunity to recognize business opportunities and sources of financial advice. As well as understand the need for goal setting, decision making, risk assessment, and creativity. Students will also be required to complete a business plan for a venture. The study of Entrepreneurship is fun and exciting. Celebrate your successes, learn from your mistakes, gain experience from involvement in the Entrepreneurial processes and make the most of your journey.


This course is designed to develop your understanding of marketing concepts, operations, and techniques when it comes to marketing both in retail and non-retail businesses. You will be studying how consumers behave and fundamental principles of Marketing. You will also be creating visual displays, commercials, and various products all while developing proper sales techniques.


This course is intended for beginners and/or skilled computer users. Students will have opportunities to learn and gain experience in various units such as:

1. Internet exploring

2. Basic web page design

3. Desktop publishing and drawing

4. Multimedia productions

5. introduction to making movies

6. Digital Camera

7. Animation

8. Database & spreadsheet

The skills and knowledge covered in this course will provide the students with the level of information and literacy needed to succeed in the level of computer education. See you in class, be ready to learn and have fun. 


This course is intended for novice and experienced computer users. Join us and learn about the significant advances information computer technology has developed throughout the world. Traditional jobs in various firms are disappearing while new areas of economic activity such as information computer technology are growing rapidly. Students will have the opportunity to learn and gain experience in many various programs such as:

1. Make movies

2. Internet searching and exploring

3. Digital camera and audio

4. Webpage design

5. Desktop publishing

6. Spreadsheet and database

7. Graphic scanners

8. Current technology issues

9. Multimedia productions

The skills and knowledge covered in this course will provide the students with the level of information and literacy needed to succeed in the level of computer education. Be ready to learn and have fun.


This course further explores the world of computers and information computer technology. The course content will cover the following units:

1. Multimedia

2. Network Management

3. Desktop publishing

4. Electronics Communications

5. Internet search and research

6. Advanced web page design

7. Movie design and creation

This course is designed for those who want to expand their knowledge of computers. The skills and knowledge covered in this course will provide the students with the level of information and literacy needed to continue to the next level of the computer education. See you in class. Be ready to learn and expand your horizons.


This is intended for students with some computer experience and who are considering expanding their information computer technology education. Course content will be more refined and advanced from that of CIS 11. The course will introduce and discuss the numerous issues that are relevant to a career in the computer information technology field. Employers throughout British Columbia, Canada, United States and the global world are looking for creative students with computer skills and adaptability to the many changes in computer technology. The rapid developments of new technologies that gather, organize and share informative technologies are evolving and being expanded through digitized information. You will be kept up to date with all the evolving states of these technologies. Students taking this course will program to higher levels of advanced computer knowledge. You will be studying the following units and more:

1. Java programming

2. Photoshop

3. Dreamweaver

4. Network technologies

5. Multimedia presentation

6. Information research

7. Flash and more

See you in class. Be ready to learn and expand your horizons. Go for I.T.