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Rick Hansen Drama is building a proud tradition of quality performance.  We produce two main-stage shows per year, a junior and senior production. 

Junior actors study the elements of storytelling, character development, voice work and movement.  Senior actors gain a deeper understanding of these elements as they study specific techniques such as the Stanislavski Method.  Drama students work as part of an ensemble and learn through experience.  They will quickly see the practical application of Drama skills that go beyond the stage and prepare them for university and career prep.  Students will gain confidence as they are challenged to step out of their comfort zone; they will gain public speaking skills as they work on voice projection and enunciation; and they will become valuable team players as they work together toward a common goal. 

Recent Shows:

2014/15 season:  
Murder Me Always (Jr)
The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon (Sr)

2013/14 season: 
Homework Eats Dog (Jr)
Fall Extravaganza (Jr Drama with Jr Dance)
Chips (Jr Drama with Video Production)

2012/13 season:
Wilbur Takes His Medicine (Sr)




Acting 9/10 gives students the opportunity to demonstrate trust, cooperation, concentration and movement awareness.  Students will study the art of acting and characterization.  Emphasis is placed on exercises and games that develop voice, emotion, physical manipulation and scene work.  This fun course offers a lot of opportunities to interact with others as well as time for self-reflection. 


Acting 11/12 is divided into three parts: Skills in acting; Styles in acting; and Production (including set building, lighting, design, tech crew responsibilities).Students have many opportunities to perform in front of a variety of audience types depending on the performance.  Assignments include COMEDIC SCENE WORK to focus on pacing and characterization, AIR BAND which further develops characterization and timing to music and cues, and PRODUCTION (often a full length play or one-act festival) to develop script breakdown.  Working in a group, as well as regular attendance, is key to achieving success in this course.


Dance is similar to athletic pursuits.  It helps develop speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, grace, rhythm and discipline.  Students will learn the elements of movement and use them in learned choreography.  Hip hop dance is one of the initial styles of dance that students learn as well as across the floor sequences.  Depending on class size and abilities Jazz, Modern, Lyrical or Jive may also be taught.  Students are given the opportunity to perform, as well as observe their own work and others.  Music is a great motivator and students get in shape while having lots of fun.


This class further develops the skills offered in Dance 9/10 as well as allowing the students to explore the development of their own choreography.  Students participate in leading dance warm-ups and learning new sequences at a slightly more challenging pace.  Most choreography that is learned (hip hop, jazz or modern) is performed in front of audiences from the community and school.