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Home Economics


Family Studies 11 is geared to students who are considering careers in nurturing professions such as social work, child care, teaching, and to those interested in psychology. Students will learn to understand themselves in relation to others, and to recognize the interdependence of self, home and community environment. Units include adolescent development and families in society.


Family Studies 12 is designed to follow the Family Studies 11 course. The course centres work and study on the ‘big picture’ concept of family, seeing the learner as part of a family that has a past, a present and a future. The family is multi-dimensional and in flux; however, globally the functions of families are similar. Content includes relationships, courtship and marriage, family life cycles, parenting and living independently.


The introductory course centres on the broad topic FEEDING YOURSELF: your own nutritional needs, sports nutrition, and improvement of your own skills in food preparation and meaningful meal patterns for you. Evaluation is based on theory assignments, practical lab work and tests.


Food Studies 11 is offered to Grade 10 or 11 students. Food Studies 11 centres on the broad topic of FEEDING OTHERS: the nutritional needs of different stages of development, implications of allergies and diseases, diet therapy, improvement of skills in food preparation and family meal patterns and planning. Evaluation is based on theory assignments, practical lab work and tests.


Recommendation: Food Studies 11 course outcomes or equivalent. Food Studies 12 emphasizes world food supply, ethnic food habits and patterns, food history and friends. Emphasis is placed on student planning and enhancement of skills in food preparation. Evaluation is based on theory, assignments, practical lab work and tests.


Have you ever wondered what you need to eat to get bigger muscles? Have you ever wanted to work out during school? Do you wish you could cook your lunch at school? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this class is for you. For one semester you will get to spend 2 blocks a day making food, eating it, working out, all based on your own goals. Do you want to put on muscle? We can plan for that. Do you want to lose fat? We can plan for that. Do you want to run faster, jump higher or be a better athlete? We can plan for those too. All of these things, along with cooking skills, budgeting, nutrition requirements and many more health and fitness items will be covered in this new format. Be one of the first to sign up for the new way of learning about foods, strength and conditioning. Enroll today.