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Physical Education

PHYSICAL EDUCATION LEADERSHIP 9-12 Extended Day (YPELE9) Extended Day; Full Year Linear Course.

Enrollment by instructor approval only. The grade 9-12 students in this course will work in teams to plan, promote, and run the intramural activity program during the lunch break. They will also be responsible for special activity days throughout the school year. As an extended day course, class will meet once a week in the morning from 7:15-8:15am.


Students will participate in a variety of leisure, fitness, sport and lifestyle activities depending on the instructor and the facility schedule. Depending on scheduling and grade level, students will participate in the following activities * volleyball *aerobics * softball * minor games * basketball * touch football * badminton * soccer * weight lifting * handball * swimming *skating * ultimate * lacrosse *.

Within each activity, students are generally evaluated according to three domains:

- Affective: participation, attitude, effort, fitness: 50%

- Cognitive: knowledge/theory/strategies: 25%

- Psychomotor: skill building: 25%.

All students must satisfactorily complete Physical Education 9 and 10 to meet the graduation requirements of the B.C. Ministry of Education.


Recommendation: Grade of 73% or higher in Physical Education 10

These courses (PE 11 & 12) allow students to pursue a variety of on-campus and community related activities throughout the year as well as fitness/weight training. This activity course focuses on leadership components as well as group cooperation. A selection of in-school activities from the previous list will be based on student interest levels. Depending on class interest, leisure opportunities in the community may be available to enhance classroom activities. This is a great course to meet the graduation portfolio requirement and areas of community involvement, as well as personal health.

SUPERFIT 11 & 12

Recommendation: Grade of 73% or higher in Superfit 11 to qualify for Superfit 12

This class is no sweat...well, maybe a little. Superfit provides the motivated students an opportunity to improve their health and fitness through exercise and knowledge of health, living and nutrition. Students will participate in various activities including yoga, aerobics, and circuit training as well as experiencing a few community fitness facilities. Students might also take part in the occasional walk/run, day at the pool, or day in Hansen’s state of the art weight room. But be warned. It is NOT aerobics and it is NOT body building. This course tones and conditions the body while raising the metabolism and burns fat. It will help increase muscular endurance and is good for students at ALL levels of fitness. Want to look good and feel good? This is the course for you.


Recommendation: Grade of 73% or higher in Strength and Conditioning 11 to qualify for Strength and Conditioning 12

Want to work out but can’t find the time or afford a gym membership fee? Then this is the course for you. Strength and Conditioning gives you an opportunity to both set and pursue fitness goals, and do this during the school day so as to not interfere with any free time/afterschool activities you may have. Students will plan an individualized workout plan that they will be responsible for tracking throughout the course of the semester. Resistance/Weight training and cardio vascular training are aspects of fitness focused on in this course. If you want to be in the best possible shape for whatever activities you are involved in, this is the course for you. You will also be responsible for planning a workout regime, based on strategies discussed in class, for a fellow student, teacher, family member or friend, which will be tracked throughout the course of the semester.

Course evaluation will be based on daily performance in class, monthly physical testing, weight training log books, individual workout plan design and personal trainer fitness plan design. This course is for students who are serious about their personal fitness.


Sports performance has been designed to offer elite-athletes a multi-sport training program. Students will gain knowledge and experience to develop individualized training, specific to their sport and physical requirements. Students will be required to analyze fitness components by testing and then comparing to norms and sports goals. Students will gain experience in a variety of strength, speed, and power techniques. Sports Performance concentrates on athlete specific training such as speed, strength, multidirectional movements, plyometric, and endurance exercises.


Have you ever wondered what you need to eat to get bigger muscles? Have you ever wanted to work out during school? Do you wish you could cook your lunch at school? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this class is for you. For one semester you will get to spend 2 blocks a day making food, eating it, working out, all based on your own goals. Do you want to put on muscle? We can plan for that. Do you want to lose fat? We can plan for that. Do you want to run faster, jump higher or be a better athlete? We can plan for those too. All of these things, along with cooking skills, budgeting, nutrition requirements and many more health and fitness items will be covered in this new format. Be one of the first to sign up for the new way of learning about foods, strength and conditioning. Enroll today.