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School of Business & Science


The learning environment at Rick Hansen Secondary will be transformed this fall when it opens its doors as the first Science and Business school in the province. The school is responding to the changing needs of students. Our focus will be on preparing them for professional careers and further success in post-secondary studies. 

Classroom learning will be more reflective of life in the work world so that students can direct their education in more practical ways. By working in teams and across multiple disciplines, students will develop skills that are more applicable to what they’ll need in their future careers. Furthermore, partnerships with post-secondary institutions and industry partners will enhance the learning opportunities for our students as they solve real world problems and begin to make career choices. 

While the overarching theme will be on Science and Business, the school will continue to emphasize language, arts, sports and social sciences. The curriculum will also continue to reflect the community values of personal leadership, difference making, equity and inclusion. All of our students, whether they are interested in Science and Business or not, will graduate with the benefit of this new dynamic  learning environment.

If you want to learn more about the great changes in education that are happening at Rick Hansen please call 604-864-0011.