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Hurricane Council

Rick Hansen’s Hurricane Council is dedicated:

  • to promote school spirit and host fun events
  • to act as a welcoming committee for new students
  • to represent the student body at RHSS
  • to provide student service at certain events and activities
  • to provide a helping hand to our local and global communities
  • to fundraise for charities, food banks and natural disaster funds
  • to promote and exercise volunteerism, collaboration, solidarity, diversity and engagement
  • to “Be The Best You Can Be!”

Past Hurricane Council Events:

  • Costume Contest
  • Tacky Christmas Sweater Day
  • Pictures with Santa Claus
  • Santa-Grams
  • FREE hot chocolate
  • Adopt A Family
  • Vow of Silence
  • Pajama Day
  • Jersey Day
  • RHSS Spirit Week
  • Valentine’s Day Grams

Global Awareness

The Global Awareness club believes that if we do not understand what is happening in the world around us, we will be unsuccessful in our attempts to make the world a better place. We need to equip ourselves and others with the knowledge so that we can turn this awareness into action.

The Global Awareness Club strives to get its members involved on the local and international level of social participation. Through the discussion of political, economic, social as well as environmental issues, Global Awareness Club seeks to expand the perception of its members. In addition to discussion, Global Awareness Club hosts multiple fundraising events for pertinent issues and participates in local projects.

Outdoor Club

The Outdoors Club is a club at Rick Hansen open to all students who want to try new recreational activities in the great outdoors.  This year, we plan to go: rock climbing, hiking, skiing and kayaking.  Come see Mrs. Thiessen for more information!

Environmental Awareness Club

The Green Team is a new club at Rick Hansen Secondary School. It has been created to offer an opportunity for like-minded students to help improve the Rick Hansen environment through increased focus on the school’s waste habits, its green spaces and by passing on information to their peers about how to best treat their environment in and out of school. We meet weekly, at lunch, to discuss initiatives, our goals and our progress. 


Awareness Club

This is a service Club that supports volunteering and one or more of:

  • Fundraising (for local or global cause)
  • Community Service (inside or outside the school)
  • Career Interest (building transferrable skills)
  • Interpersonal Dynamics (networking, leadership, teamwork skills)

Students will determine activities/causes they wish to pursue, as well as how to structure their participation in the club.
Meetings are Thursdays at 2:45 in C202

Bhangra Club 

The Rick Hansen Bhangra Club started off in 2015 to offer students the opportunity to learn dance. Whether students are beginners or experienced, this club provides students with an outlet of cultural expression, and allows them to perform as part of a team if desired. Some students attend with the motivation to learn but not perform, which is completely okay! Not only is it an outlet for expression, but it allows students to get involved in a positive and cheerful environment in which students can also improve their stamina and endurance. Bhangra is a traditional form of music and dance used to celebrate the harvest season, in which many of the movements represent farming techniques. The bhangra club has performed at many cultural events, fundraisers and many different schools throughout Abbotsford over the years. 

Drama Club 

Drama club runs Tuesdays at Lunch and Wednesdays after school in the theater. It is a place where students can come to learn a few dramatic techniques,  explore their creative side, and have a great time interacting with other drama kings and queens. We will be organizing a performance in the spring. Anyone eager to perform or help behind the scenes is welcome.

Diversity Alliance 

This group is focused on including all genders, identities, orientations, and being pro-active within our school community to promote inclusivity and acceptance.