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Counselling & Student Services


Counsellors are available to help you in a variety of ways including:  academic planning and support, personal problem solving, relationships with friends and family, career/post-secondary planning and referral to community resources.  Students are assigned to a counsellor based on the first letter of their last name.

Counsellor: Ms. Ruth Merrick (A-K)

Counsellor: Mrs. Lindsay McAleese (L-Z)

Counselling Office: Student Information Systems Analyst - SIS Clerk - Mrs. Des Roches  604.864.9634

Careers & Transition Counsellor: Mrs. Karli Jongenburger


Planning for your future is usually a difficult task, but a most important one.  The Career Centre is a good place to find information, ideas and resource materials.  Students are welcome to visit in the Counselling/Career area before school, at lunch time or after school any day.  We know that your in-class time is important to you, so we will do our best to meet with you during non-class time hours.


There are many scholarship opportunities that are available to students in grade 12. Please check in with your counselor frequently to hear about new opportunities or join the Scholarship 12 Team! The counseling center has a binder filled with all  private scholarship opportunities that come our way. Students are welcome to come peruse the binder before school, at lunch or after school.

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All people learn at different rates and in different ways and in the Learning Centre we will work together to find out what works for you. In the Learning Centre you can receive additional help in all academic areas and we will work with you to develop strategies that will support you in becoming a successful student.

All students with a Learning Disability have an individualized Education Plan (IEP) that outlines their learning goals as dictated by their testing and diagnosis. Support blocks in the Learning Centre are intended to provide those with specific Learning Disabilities the opportunity to learn and demonstrate understanding in a way that highlights their strengths as a learner, while at the same time developing the areas that challenge them.

A support block is recommended for all students with a Learning Disability. Please make an appointment with your counsellor.


Students who struggle with advanced academic concepts and who have been screened into the WS/WE program through testing by district staff receive a combination of functional academic programming with a focus on job and life skills along with community based work experiences.


The Resource Room utilizes individualized student education plans to assist the students to become as independent as possible.  The plan focuses on life skills and academic skills (i.e. Math/money, time, literacy, etc.) within the resource classroom, as well as participating in fully integrated classes wherever appropriate.


Some of our students are new to Canada, and English is not their first language of communication.  The ELL program helps students with varying degrees of English Language ability to learn the language.

Students are screened and/or tested at the school, then placed in appropriate available support classes.  ELL tutorial classes are also provided on a weekly basis for additional support.  A total of 5 years of ELL support is available to students during their elementary and high school years.