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Empowering Future Leaders: The School of Business and Science

June 26, 2024

The School of Business and Science at Rick Hansen Secondary School is an innovative opportunity for advanced education available to ambitious students in grades 11 and 12 who are ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. Launched in 2016, our program blends comprehensive academics with real-world experience, creating a dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success both in higher education and their future careers.

The School of Business is designed for students who wish to gain a head start in their professional journey and aspire to thrive in the dynamic world of business.  By blending theoretical learning in the classroom with hands-on, real-world business experience, students are provided with the skills and experience they need to excel in post-secondary and beyond.  One student-led, in-house business venture, The RHSS Merchandise Shop, not only supports school spirit by selling branded school merchandise but also allows our business students to experience multiple aspects of entrepreneurship, from design and production to marketing, promotion, management, and accounting.

The School of Science is a launching pad for future scientists, engineers, and innovators. Our approach ensures that students understand complex scientific concepts and see real-world relevance, eliminating the age-old question of "When am I ever going to use this?"  Inquiry and project-based learning are integral to supporting our students’ educational journey. By engaging in inquiry-based learning, students cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they explore learning with a hands-on approach. Project-based learning further enhances this experience by allowing students to undertake comprehensive projects that reflect real-world problems and require innovative solutions. These methodologies make learning more engaging and relevant and develop practical skills and a deeper understanding of concepts.

During their grade 11 year, School of Business and Science students participate in internships that connect classroom theories with real-life business and scientific environments. These placements are integral to the curriculum, providing a platform for students to shadow industry professionals and gain valuable insights into their future careers. Furthermore, through our strategic partnership with Corpus Christi College, grade 12 students can earn university credits by enrolling in a first-year university English and/or Calculus course taught on our campus. This collaboration enhances academic profiles and gives our students an advantage in the competitive university admission process.

The School of Business and Science is one way Rick Hansen Secondary inspires students to become leaders prepared to innovate and excel in a rapidly changing world.

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