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News: Friday, February 19th, 2021

Spotlight on Learning: Art Studio 9/10

‘Be the Best You Can Be Portraits’

Ms. Harasemow, Art Studio 9/10, Rick Hansen School

In following our school’s motto, the students were tasked with producing a portrait of someone who they admire, look up to, or encourages them to be the best version of themselves. Using the design process and incorporating some traditional techniques, the students were able to replicate their idols in a fun and interactive way. Once they were finished, the portraits were attached and hung together as one single tapestry, this symbolizing the connections we all have each other – making us all ‘Be the Best You Can Be’.

Teacher Reflection

The students found this project accessible and understood what each of the steps required. By demonstrating and modelling the process, each student was able to continue each day with a task and even help each other with what came next. I was able to see lots of collaboration and idea sharing throughout the class. Their understanding of the process was also fueled by their admiration for the person they chose; some were celebrities, others were family members or friends. I noticed that when the student had the choice of someone they admired, it gave them confidence to complete each step with the utmost precision. Even though the process was certainly messy, each student was able to produce a beautiful piece.

Student Reflection – Jasleen Kang (Gr. 10)

I chose my mom because she is one of the strongest women I know. She has been through a lot and never gave up and kept going. She knows what’s right or wrong and will stand up for herself and her loved ones. She is a very kind, smart, and hardworking woman. You will always see her smiling or laughing. She teaches me to ignore what others are saying to you and don’t let it affect you and keep going with your day. My painting took a while to finish than others because I couldn’t match the same skin tone I had picked. I think my painting was good. Her shading around her eyes could’ve been better also. Overall, I was happy to be able to paint her. 


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