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News: Thursday, February 4th, 2021

Spotlight on Learning: Food Safety

Spotlight on Learning – Food Safety by Ms. Davies and Ms. Gill

Students explored the driving question “does food and kitchen safety depend on context?” by picking a specific restaurant, street-food vendor, home kitchen, etc. anywhere in the world and comparing the protocols of this place with our classroom practices.

Teacher Reflection:

Asking students to compare how food and kitchen safety are practiced in our classroom kitchens versus another location allowed them to learn our kitchen safety standards while also helping them understand that some practices depend entirely on their environment. Students were able to compare our classroom to anywhere in the world; this provided students with an opportunity to discuss differences and similarities from various countries and settings, allowing them to learn about one another’s cultures and experiences.

 Student Reflection: 

This project really made me understand that kitchen safety should completely depend on the context and the circumstances of the specific region. It also made me reflect on how one would engage with safety regulations provided by the authorities in school kitchens compared to people practicing safety regulations in household kitchens of developing regions.   Collaborating with my peers gave me various perspectives on the project and brought me joy. But most importantly, I think this project explored a crucial topic because there needs to be more awareness of kitchen safety. In conclusion, I highly recommend this project and would love to do it again.