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Demonstrations of Learning

The overall goal of Demonstrations of Learning is to create and sustain powerful cultures of learning in and across classrooms and in our school that nurture and make visible individual and group learning. Often when people first encounter the demonstrations of learning work, they describe it as a project about documentation, perhaps because it is the most tangible aspect of the work--something people can see. Then, after spending more time with the ideas, they say it's a project about group learning. But in the end, they say demonstrations of learning is a project about culture, values, and democracy. Learning in groups not only helps us learn about content, it helps us learn about learning in a way that fits with the kind of people we want to become and the world we want to create. Learning in groups develops critical human capacities for participating in a democratic society--the ability to share our views and listen to those of others, to entertain multiple perspectives, to seek connections, to change our ideas, and to negotiate conflict.

At Rick Hansen, we aim to share our demonstrations of learning through the learning commons and the virtual space we intend to build with the artifacts of learning created and curated by our learning community.

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